Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is information that informs users of the Website:

How does use personal information collected at this website? Please read the Privacy Policy carefully before using the website and providing personal information on this website.

When accessing the website:, you accept the terms described in our Privacy Policy. It is our policy to keep private user information received by the website private and we only use it for internal purposes. Rest assured that we respect user privacy, treat data with great care and absolutely do not share it with any 3rd party.

1. Information gathering

Personal information such as: Full name, Date/month/year of birth, gender, phone number, email, address, etc. voluntarily provided by users will be collected by us. This information is only used to serve the specific request of the user. In addition, we may collect certain additional information during the user’s use of the website. For example, the type of browser used to access the website, the date and time of access, the time spent on the page, the pages opened, etc. This information is used to analyze the user’s need to use the website. use, thereby improving the quality of the website as well as managing the website better.

2. Use of information

Purpose of collecting user information to build a becomes a website that provides useful information to users. Therefore, the use of information will serve the following activities:

Provide the information that users are looking for
Offer a number of utilities and support features for users in the process of using the website
Resolve issues related to disputes, arising when users use the website
Prevent activities that violate terms on the

3. Information sharing

We know that personal information is a very important part for users. Therefore, we commit not to buy, sell, exchange or share with any other 3rd party. We only share user information in the following cases:

We only give out personal information when we know for sure that the sharing is legal, protecting the rights and property of users and ours or other 3rd parties.
Upon legal request from a competent authority or when we believe it is necessary to comply with legal requirements.
In other cases, we will contact and notify users of having to provide personal information to a 3rd party. And this can only be done when receiving the consent of the user.

4. Information security

One important thing you need to understand is to protect your personal information. We are not responsible for users’ self-disclosure of their personal information.

We are committed not to intentionally disclose customer information, not to sell or share information for commercial purposes.

We emphasize that we are very concerned about your interests in the protection of personal information, so in case you have comments or questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact us. :

Note: This privacy policy is only applied We reserve the right to make changes to this policy. All changes will be reflected on this website.

5. Application period

This policy is in effect for the duration of this website.